Can certain foods cause diaper rash?

How can I tell if it’s something other than diaper rash?

Can foods I eat while breast feeding cause my baby’s diaper rash?

How can I tell if my baby’s rash is infected with yeast?

What are some of the causes of a yeast infected rash?

How long should it take for my baby’s rash to heal?


What’s the difference between PENATEN® products?

What happens if my baby licks PENATEN®?

Can I use PENATEN® creams for different types of rashes?

Can adults use PENATEN® diaper rash cream?


Do I need to fully wipe off left over cream after each diaper change?

Is it possible to use too much PENATEN® cream?

Is there a difference in application for a boy vs. a girl?

How Thick Should I Apply the cream?

Should I apply everywhere or only on red areas?

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Identifying Diaper Rash

While there are some common symptoms of diaper rash, there is wide variation in what diaper rash looks like.

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How to Treat Diaper Rash

Diaper rash can cause a lot of discomfort for your little one and you want to help them feel better fast.

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Relief from Chafing and Irritation

For over 110 years PENATEN® has been trusted to protect your skin from the wetness and irritants that can cause rashes and chafing skin.